For Advertisers

Maximize purchasing strengths with cross-channel traffic, memorable ad formats, and ultimately transparent advertising ecosystem.

Best-performing Ad formats

Attract users with multiple responsive ads & get more monetization options with fewer efforts. Create unique user experience with the vast variety of engaging display, mobile, in-app & video slider and video outstream ads.

Cross channel Ad serving

Access premium ad inventory & reach your target audience with advanced targeting options across devices. Deliver your ad creatives to the relevant users on mobile, desktop, video, in-app, and more, and forget about wasted ad spends & discrepancy

Automated Optimization

Get the complete real-time overview of your performance with just a few clicks and find insights that will help your business grow. Adoptima SSP algorithms help you optimize CTR & eCPM to meet your desired KPIs.

Ad block Recovery

Depending on traffic demographics, you could be losing 15-20% of your revenue to ad blockers. Our ad technology allows publishers to monetize their ad-blocked inventory, while respecting user choice.

For Publisher